Say What You Need to Say

It is safe to say that the goal of any piece of communication is to… communicate. That said, the overall success of any marketing piece can, at least in part, be measured by how well the intended information is actually communicated. Whether or not your content has cool layouts, catchy graphics, and killer effects, is […]

Is your business dressed for success?

Remember the term “dress for success?” It’s the reason people dress up for a high profile job interview. It’s the reason people dress up for a first date. It’s the reason we don’t wear jorts to the office (well, most of us). Do you look around at major brands and wonder why their brand always looks so […]

A New Brand is Born

I didn’t want to waste my life. That’s really how it all started. When I joined the team in January 2011, Trevett’s was primarily a print and mail facility. They were beginning to add some digital capabilities but did not specifically offer graphic design services. My role was going to primarily be printing and working […]

How does your logo smell?

Have you ever walked into a room with a freshly lit candle? The aroma overtakes your senses and you can’t smell anything else… for a while. However, as time passes, the smell becomes part of the atmosphere. You may even forget the candle is lit until its flicker catches your eye in the distance. So, […]